Dave's House Theatre Company

Founded July 2007

The Lover and The Dumb Waiter        2012

‘Frankness at all costs. Essential to a healthy marriage. Don’t you agree?’ 

 After ten years of marriage, Richard and Sarah have an arrangement: she has her lover, and he has his whore. But after indulging in their erotic games for so long, where does the fantasy end and reality begin? 


Following the success of The Dumb Waiter tour of 2011, Dave's House returns with a double bill of Pinter; revisiting the comedy of menace, and complementing it with a domestic and witty tale of love and lust.

The Pinter Double Bill marks the company's first production at the world-famous Minack Theatre.


The Dumb Waiter        2011

 Ben and Gus have been doing the same job for years. It always goes as planned, and they have never let Wilson down. But tonight something is different. What is bothering Gus? Does Ben know something that he doesn’t? And who is sending orders down the dumb waiter?

Dave's House returns with Harold Pinter’s comedy of menace, intrigue and betrayal. 


Strange Matters...        2010

Dave only goes to see nice plays with nice stories.
So he’s taken it upon himself to write one.

But how will Dave’s evening of “tolerable, top-notch, moderately significant drama with a nice story” fare when Frank, the lead actor, fails to turn up? 

As Dave’s House Theatre Company’s original script threatens to morph into something terrifyingly more original than intended, someone other than a bewildered audience is watching.

That person is the technician: Dermot. He presses the buttons. And whilst the actors battle through fear, anger and confusion, he starts to think even he could do a better job…


Strange Matters... marks the company's first production of an original script - written by Michael Jones & George Bradley. 


The Secret Lives of Henry and Alice       2009

For Henry Smith - actor, raconteur, sporting hero, leading socialite, business tycoon, secret agent, Casanova and President of the United States - life was rarely dull.

 For Alice Smith, housewife - life was rarely anything else.

Enter Michel - French waiter - tall, dark and available. Exactly what happened next, no-one's quite sure... Except that it involved a rotting melon, a deckchair and a bottle of neck-rub.

Fantasy blurs into reality. Secret passions explode. And two worlds which seem a million miles apart are suddenly on a collision course.

It could only happen to Henry and Alice. And only their pet goldfish, Orca, and you, will ever know the true story.

A two-man first from Dave's House, David Tristram's hilarious play is guaranteed to entertain. 


Quick Silver       2008
Rob Ragg is an illogan miner, a man of knowledge and great skill. The problem is in Cornwall he's no different to any other man of the earth. So he emigrates to America, and in doing so begins his epic quest for fame and fortune. Heading for Mexico, he stops off along the way in the little town of Quick Silver, deep in the Arizona Desert, and here begins his story...
Rob soon realises that he need go no further to make his immense profit, and is enlisted by the inhabitants of the Frontier Settlement to transform it into a thriving and prosperous mining town. He plans to steal the bullion and bring it back home, but it's not that simple and thing 'dun't go zackly!'
Quick Silver is a hilarious comedy by Carl Grose, and marks Dave's House's eagerly awaited second production. Set in the Wild West, the play incorporates shadow puppetry, live music and includes everything from gung ho locals to Indian vision quests, and even a talking pasty!
Proper Job! 
Accidental Death of an Anarchist      2007-2008
Based on a real life event, Accidental Death of an Anarchist is Dario Fo' attempt to uncover and criticise corruption in society. After a man suspected to be an anarchist falls from the fourth floor window of Police HQ during an interrogation, most are reluctant to believe the police's claim of suicide.
Soon an impersonator infiltrates Police HQ and wastes no time in applying his quick mind to uncovering the real events of the 'accidental death'. He is calculating and manipulative, and never misses an opportunity to mock the crooked and unscrupulous law enforcers.
The play balances hilarious confusions of identity with the gross injustice surrounding the death of an innocent man.
Guaranteed to result in riotous laughter...