Dave's House Theatre Company

Founded July 2007



David is indeed the Dave of Dave's House.The name of the company was inspired by the location of the initial rehearsals for the group's first production.

David has worked with numerous groups over the years including Upstage, New Cornwall Opera and Duchy Opera. As a co-founder of Dave's House, his work with the company includes Strange Matters...and The Accidental Death of an Anarchist.

In 2011 David graduated from the University of Plymouth with a degree in Law. He now lives in Singapore working for a developer. 

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As a founding member, George's work with the company begins with Accidental Death of an Anarchist, which was first mounted in September 2007, and later toured around Cornwall at the beginning of 2008. His other artistic input with Dave's House includes Quick Silver, The Secret Lives of Henry and Alice (the first of the company's two-handers), and Strange Matters...which he co-wrote with Mike.

While studying at Truro College, George achieved a National Diploma in Performing Arts and then went on to study Drama at Exeter University. He  has worked extensively with cube essential theatre, as well as performing with New Cornwall Opera and other local companies. George's main preoccupation, however, lies in writing for theatre, both plays and sketches. Since moving to Exeter George has staged and directed much of his new material, such as Hunk Dory and An Evening with Ben Valentine, and sings in the band The Rotten Apple Orchestra.

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Mike is co-founder of Dave's House and also, more recently, co-founder of *Asterix Theatre. His fervent interest in theatre was initially honed through the Hall for Cornwall's Summer School projects and subsequently Upstage Youth Theatre. Since these early days he has worked with companies such as Rocketman, NCO, SPACE and cube. 

After successfully getting through to the National Youth Theatre, Mike course-assisted for the group in 2010. Whilst away at university, he performed in numerous student productions, was a member of the Exploding Fish Improvisation group, and his improv showThey Came With Outer Script (conceived at uni) was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Mike has been responsible for many of Dave's House's more technical feats, and his work with the company includes Strange Matters...(co-written by George and himself), Quick Silver, and Accidental Death of an Anarchist

In 2011 he graduated from Aberystwyth University with a First in Drama; and after working as a TA in Music and Drama, as well as acting back home in Cornwall, Mike left for Drama School in 2012.

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As an artistically creative member of the team, Joni heads up the Fine Art Committee of the company. Her work with Dave?s House includes The Lover,Strange Matters?, Quick Silver and Accidental Death of an Anarchist, which she co-directed. Joni returned to directing in 2010 with an award-winning production of Steven Berkoff?s East in Liverpool.

Notable theatre includes: Metamorphosis, Agamemnon, a reworking of the stories by the Marquis de Sade, Elephant with Johannesburg theatre company Dodgy Clutch, Carmen and La Traviata with New Cornwall Opera, The Slipper and the Rose with TAODS and Bill Kenwright?s touring company production of Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. Joni has been a member of the National Youth Theatre for five years, and performed in a 2010 season production in London. In 2011 Joni graduated from Liverpool University with a degree in English Language and Literature.

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Sam's work with the company includes: The Lover, The Dumb Waiter, Strange Matters..., Quick Silver, Accidental Death of an Anarchist. Over the years he has worked with numerous companies and drama groups, including cube essential theatre, New Cornwall Opera, Rocketman Theatre, and Upstage Youth Theatre.

Whilst studying at Liverpool University Sam was a member of the Drama Society, and performed in Hamlet, Festen, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and A Midsummer Night?s Dream. He graduated from university with a degree in English Language and Literature in 2010; and has returned to Cornwall for the foreseeable future, where he continues to act in the local area.

Since graduating, Sam's performances with other companies include PALS (NorthSouth Theatre), Carmen (New Cornwall Opera), Macbeth (cube theatre), A Midsummer Night's Dream (SPACE - as part of the RSC's Open Stages project), and The Crucible (SPACE).

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Alexander trained at the London School of Dramatic Arts. He is a dedicated member of the team and has been responsible for much of the company's set design and construction. In 2011 he participated in a three month tour around the UK with a Theatre in Education company based in Wolverhampton.

Theatre work includes: Accidental Death of an Anarchist, Much Ado About Nothing, Quick Silver, a devised piece based on The Glass Family from the books of J.D. Salinger, Closer, The Merchant of Venice, The Seagull, After the End, A Streetcar Named Desire, Metamorphoses ? Tales of Ovid, Strange Matters?, Stars in Their Eyes (Her Majesty?s Theatre), The Crucible, The Blue Bird (West Midlands Children Touring Limited), The Dumb Waiter, The Lover.

Films include: Thomas (short), Halfway Point (music video/short), George (short),Open Till Late (short), Summer in February (feature), Clifftop (short), The Fold (feature).

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Visit: http://www.alexandersowerby.com/


Loz's work with the company consists of performances in the Accidental Death of an Anarchist 2008 tour, Quick Silver, and Strange Matters...In 2009, she acted alongside George in the first Dave's House two-man venture The Secret Lives of Henry and Alice. Loz is also a vital proponent of the company's Fun Committee.

Loz's association with most of the other members of the company began through Upstage Youth Theatre at the Hall for Cornwall. After its founding in 2007, Loz has since worked with the rest of the group in their numerous dealings with New Cornwall Opera, and has assisted in the directing of Dave's House's more recent flirtations with Pinter.

During the course of her Drama degree at Royal Holloway, Loz supplemented her study with numerous performances. In her final year she directed Carl Grose's Grand Guignol which was extremely well received by audience and writer alike. 

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